Transform your Home

Staging and Design Services to fit every home and budget. We specialize in Central Jersey, North Jersey and South Jersey and understand the buyer demographic and real estate market for each of these areas.




The Process

We start by checking out your property. We analyze your space. We analyze your market competition. And finally, we analyze your target audience. All of these elements are integrated and portrayed in our staging plan. Each design plan is custom suited to your home.

Get top dollar

Having your home professionally staged is the first step in connecting buyers online to your home through fantastic photos and getting offers by helping them emotionally connect to your space.


We take the stress and  hard work out of preparing your home to sell and can even do it for you.  We also give you strategies for easy organization you can live with.


SB Staging is an HSR Certified Professional home staging and interior redesign company serving New Jersey and surrounding area. See a sampling of our projects.